Posted by: egytarek | 17 April, 2007

If a Lion attacks you



  1. made me smile!! add me

  2. dah begad !

  3. YEAH, if u live near woods or mountains , u ll know that , for bears , mountain lions , if they notice u , u try to make ur size big by uplifting ur arms, dont bend down , dont give it ur back, make big noise , with strong voice ,, if u can hold a peice of wood or any stuff in hands and use it to give u bigger size and height ( but dont bend down to pick it ) ,,, and in case he or she attacked u , u would have no other choice , but to fight using what u hold in hand ( they are faster than u , running wont help u )

    i am not an expert , but i read that , and a friend living in Canada told me that

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