Posted by: egytarek | 20 March, 2007

Nice TV Game

I love to do a strange thing, I turn on TV and switch off the sound, then watch what they put on , try it , its  funny.

Try doing that with video clips , you will find it amazing watching those weird clowns doing their moves

I started doing that years ago when I was watching football matches and  feel fed up with the silly announcers talking about every thing except the match they are describing, then found it so funny

The best programs you can watch with that way are talk-shows. Try it when u watch the political  talk shows on the Egyptian channel “1” after 9 news bulletin,  or with Hala show on Rotana.  Follow the announcer’s or the guests’ faces, their expressions, their body talk, how do they move hands, or shake bodies, look in the eyes. 

Every time I watch a  talk show like that,  I find myself smiling and scream loudly; BIG LIARS…… 



    actually i dun intend to do this…but sometimes it happens and it’s funny 😀

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