Posted by: egytarek | 18 March, 2007

I am searching for a song , Can anybody help?

I am searching for an old Egyptian song,  It was sung by Aida al-Sha’er, as I think,  plz don’t feel surprised when I tell u its name , because I have been searching for it from long long time , but in vain , so plz helpme

The song is ” el tesht alli ” I think it ‘s composed by Ali Isma’eel. That song at its days was considered so vulgar, but I think now when compared with what we are  listening to, day and night, it s too descent song



  1. I’m terrible when it comes to search for old songs…i had hard time trying to get gedo 3ali…then i got it from a friend lama zehe2t 😀
    but anyways hope u’ll get lucky and find it…or any1 helps u ya3ni 😀 coz i really want to listen to this song too 😀

  2. thanks emy .

    it really hard to find any egy or arabic thing on the net ,,,

    but i hope that some one can help, if i have it i ll try to post it for friends
    i used to love that song when i was kid , i think i ll it now also

  3. ana kaman 3ayz gedo 3ali song plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    plz try to send it to me its an emergency
    and this is my e-mail
    *** ***
    thnx alot

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